James Taylor- Fire & Rain Solo

No Doubt, James Taylor has influenced has influenced an entire generation of modern day singers/songwriters with both his voice and his  guitar.

In this video from 1970, we get to hear the guitar being amplified with a microphone rather than a pickup. The sound is incredible.

Later on in his career it was necessary (especially with a larger band) to use a pickup, as the microphone can only go so loud on a guitar without feeding back. He ended up eventually using a Pendulum SPSI, which is a solid state stereo mic pre that features a small transformer that plugs into the 1/4″ jack changing it to “line level” as early as possible in the signal path- thus maintaining the warmth of the acoustic guitar.

Pickups are great on a big stage or when you want louder volume.

The microphone however is going to provide the best most true sound.

A popular way today to amplify the guitar is to use a combo of a small mic that is attached to the guitar aimed near the soundhole and a piezo element under the saddle pickup.

I’m personally using a Pendulum SPSI but only sending the signal to a small monitor on stage and playing through a house microphone.

Hey acoustic guitarists out there- what are you using for shows and gigs?


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