Solo Guitar by Andy McKee: Drifting

“Drifting” by Solo Acoustic Guitarist Andy McKee: There’s a lot of guys doing taping but I haven’t heard it performed much better than Andy McKee. Aparanlty the public thinks he’s the sheeet too- this vid has 44,291,000 plays! (WUWT?)  He’s the #1 listened to guitarist on the internet (hope you are cashing in on that Andy).

Andy’s like a one man band, drums, guitar bass and all. What do you think of his playing?


Courtesy:Dandon TRJ (talk). Original uploader was Dandon TRJ at en.wikipedia


Check this quote out about Andy by fellow guitarist Don Ross:

“I too have never touched weed, pills, blow or needles. I’m always insulted when people find that hard to believe. ‘How can you write such insane music straight?!?’ Frick! Some of us are just creative using only the chemicals already present in our bodies. That goes for almost any musician I’ve had a close association with, contrary to the stereotypes. Hell, Zappa was sober all the time!
Bravo, Andy. I appreciate the fact that when you and I tour together, there’s no junk going around, no smokes, no nothing. Keeping it clean. And we always have a fabulous time.” read more

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