Steve Morse- The Bash with the Dixie Dregs

Okay, I promise NOT to post any more ELECTRIC GUITAR VIDEOS on ACOUSTIC GUITAR VIDEOS after this one.
Here’s Steve Morse with three versions of the “Bash”
I’m including three for the following reason:
Listen how different the Steve’s solos are –
I saw the Dregs live three days in a row and couldn’t believe the variations in the solos and even the arrangements. I wish there was a video out there that had Mark OConnor on the fiddle- that’s what I got to see and that was even better.

Now the second video is very poor quality

The third Steve is doing more “rock” licks rather than the other two and also had a little piece of the song “Rocky Top” included… See what I mean…
You hear the difference?

Which video version do you like best?


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