Chris Woods- Mood Creator

I have to admit that I watched this video about 5 times.

And I’m gonna watch it again after I’m done with this article.

Chris Woods….

lot more than a great groove..

lot more than a great song…

And it’s a lot more than just than hot licks, chops and speed (although it’s got that and all the above…)

It’s mood created by sound..

Chris Woods is one rare guitarist that is able to put forth feeling behind each note and take the listener through a musical journey that ends up not having anything to do with music. You ask, so what is that supposed to mean?

Well, for us guitar players who may be frequently listening to the technical elements, it’s nice to run across a musician that makes you forget it all and just enjoy. That’s what Chris is all about in my opinion.

How do you like Chris Woods? Do you agree with me? Please leave your thoughts below.

You can go over to to hear more by Chris and read a short bio about all his accomplishments.

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