Tony Pusztai: Guitar From Another Planet

Tony Pusztai, two pieces

Okay, I’ve watched this 8 times in a row and I although this is going into the classical guitar category, this is serious jazz as well folks. Good luck being able to breath once you hear this… Tony Pusztai… is one of the most skilled guitarist I’ve ever heard. Maybe a lot of you are going to faint from his dissonant chord embellishments, or maybe some of you are going to think that Tony takes way too many musical liberties.

And then there’s a bunch of you that will shrug this off as a classical performance and not even watch.

Well I’m hear to tell you that I don’t care what kind of guitar style you prefer.

A great player is a great player is a great player, no matter what style or what kind of guitar they are playing.

To me, watching this and looking at Tony’s YouTube views almost makes me sick. I mean come on, 2000 views, that’s it?

Truth is, we’re looking at two pieces that nobody else on the planet earth could pull off here…

Hum… speaking of which…

So… what planet is Tony Pusztai from?

Well Tony is apparently from Hungary.

Here’s a poorly translated bio:

“Born in 1978 in Győr excellent guitarist, who expects to play one of the greatest classical guitar talents.

Her first gitárleckéit Pannonhalma, his father was. Later in Frankfurt am Main, Stephen Wernertől, and Vienna City Conservatory Professor Inge-Sholl Kremmeltől learned. Hungary Ede Roth, Ivan Folk, hope and Attila was a student. Most recently, the Vienna University of Music as a student, Alvaro Pierri artist group studied.

Antal Pusztai not only classic but also very popular in the world of jazz guitar, has had a variety of concerts, from Europe to South – Korea through Colombia.”

Awards 1989: International Guitar Competition in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic: 1st place

1999 Yamaha International Guitar Competition, Vienna – Austria: 1st place

2000: ‘Attila Zoller’ International Guitar Competition, Budapest – Hungary: 1st place

2001 Radio Music Awards – Hungary

2002: Baross Gábor Award – Hungary

2003: Herbert von Karajan Scholarship – Austria

2004: Montreux Jazz Guitar Competition – Svájc: 1st place

2005: International Guitar Competition, Weikersheim – Germany: 1st place

2006: European Guitar Competition, Dresden – Germany: 1st place


Lots of first places I see up there. Gee, I wonder why?

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