Jerry Garcia’s Last Film Interview

Okay, no music to listen to here, but I thought this was something worth watching, especially if you are a fan of The Grateful Dead and/or Jerry Garcia himself.

I never really considered Garcia to be a virtuoso musician but, he had that “Aura” about him so to speak, that was able to captivate audiences with his abilities.

Let’s not forget that to this day, Garcia and his “Old And In The Way” band still is the #1 best selling bluegrass album of all time. That band consisted of Vassar Clements (my longtime former boss), David Grisman, Jerry, John Kahn and Peter Rowan.

Vassar told me frequently that his alignment with Garcia was the big starting point of his career really taking off. When he arrived in San Francisco, he told me that he noticed a few billboards of the band and his own face- he thought “how is this possible, who knows me in this town.”

Little did Vassar know, not only would this be the start of a whole new audience for his fiddlin’ but, major record deals would follow down in Nashville, along with being one of the top session fiddlers in the town at that time.

Back to Garcia… I’d like to talk more about him, and perhaps we can all share some stories, as lots of you reading this are professional musicians or fans that may have come in personal contact with the man. At some point I’ll briefly will tell you my stories, but for now, I’m really looking forward to anything at all that you might have to say about Jerry. Thanks in advance.

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