Doc And Earl With Their Kids Pickin’ in the Back Yard

The only thing nicer than Doc’s backyard is who he’s got pickin’ with him there!

Here’s a casual video of these legendary players and their kids just having some fun, pickin’ some tunes.

For those of you that don’t know, we recently lost both Doc and Earl this year.

Doc’s son Merle, who has been gone quite a lot of years (1985), died in a freak accident when his tractor rolled over and down a steep hill near his home.

Steve Scruggs who was perhaps the most talented of the Scruggs sons, ended up killing his wife and then himself at the couples home in Whitehouse Tennessee (1992).

The only one remaining on earth in this video is Randy Scruggs.

Sad stories for sure.

But maybe there’s a happy reunion now between both dads and their sons with a lot more great music-  all taking place in an even more beautiful setting than Doc’s backyard.

Please share this video with your friends and family that care about Doc, Earl and their families.


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