David Brown Murray- No Need For A Fancy Set

Lilly, who is one of our members of the Acoustic Guitar Video Newsletter wrote in with the following…

“Just wondering, have you come across David Brown Murray, from Belfast?  I think you’d like him.”

Yes, Lilly, I think I do like him and thank you for the referral!

Here’s a piece entitled “Propane Nightmares” which is David Brown Murray’s most popular video on his YouTube channel… receiving more than 85,000 views… wow…!!

And you will notice that this is not some elaborate set,… in fact, anything but.

The thing that counts here is the performance and the composition and obviously it is resonating with a lot of people. The sound is clean and that accounts for a lot.

Here’s a link To David Brown Murray’s channel for more vids

And here’s a link to his website: http://www.davidbrownemurray.com


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