Pat Metheny Goes Acoustic: I Don’t Know Why by Nora Jones

Well, actually “I Don’t Know Why” is written by Jesse Harris, and made popular by Nora Jones.

Pat Metheny is legendary for his innovative guitar, but mostly on the electric.

Here’s a great performance of Metheny on the acoustic:


I’m not sure what two guitar output jacks are for- maybe one of you can let me know. Perhaps it’s separate outputs for the bass and treble strings. He is getting a very well defined low end out of the guitar.

With regard to the performance, pay particular attention to the key change towards the end- Deep lush chords and incredibly musical substitutions. I call this real playing. What do you call it?

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  1. Jay Tolbert

    I call it Pat being Pat. Having listened to him for 30+ years I enjoy how he continues to expand the way 12 notes can be combined.

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