Larry Williams -Homecoming

Here’s guitarist Larry Williams with a piece entitled “Homecoming,” which is a very nice well written song. (reminds me of something I’d like to play).

The video was obviously shot in Larry’s house and the sound is not so good but, you do get the point.

This song is a solo guitar version of “Homecoming” from Tales of Wilmon.

Heres’ Larry William’s self written bio:
I am a composer/songwriter/guitarist/EWI-ist/percussionist/vocalist. The trumpet carried the first part of my musical life (from childhood) and after laying it down in 2010- finishing a somewhat illustrious career as a professional trumpet player, I am continuing on to the next phase of that journey through my writing.
Guitar came along in my young life shortly after hearing “Sweet Baby James” whenever it was released (in ’70 or so),
it was then that I knew my heart belonged solely to this instrument and would later have my first one (Yamaha FG-110) by age fifteen.
I was a closet case to be sure-  through all the formative years too. Never performed. At that time, I was being groomed to be a trumpet star, so no one wanted to know about my guitar playing. I was really on my own and if not for the help of several guitar playing friends who patiently answered my many questions, it could have been much tougher, but here I am, forty something years later and following my childhood dream.

In addition, I put out a self published book of piano works called “The American Piano” in ’06 (on a limited basis) and have 10 albums worth of music [as a leader] documented.
My most valuable asset are my ideas. I also created a percussion instrument line in ’03 and make these and wind chimes in my spare time. I used to consider myself more conservative than liberal, though nowadays I choose neither left nor right.
I subscribe to no religion though I walk a highly spiritual path towards my own enlightenment.  I am a true musical/artistic survivor and use any ambition I may have, to further the development of that art.

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