Tommy Emmanuel Sings Nine Pound Hammer

I found this video of Tommy singing the Nine Pound Hammer-

He’s not going to win any awards for his vocals but he’s sure gonna win em all for his absolutely outstanding guitar playin. Check out this video…


Just so you know, I’m writing this and listening at the same time.. Wow… after his solo on guitar (which was crazy of course) I wasn’t watching the video and thought I heard someone playing brushes. Well, it ends up it was him on the guitar rubbing his right hand on the body and fretting bass notes on the left.

After watching some tapping guitarist do their magic, it might not seem that big of deal.

But Tommy is a showman, much like Les Paul used to be. After Les got too old to really play, he relied mostly on his showmanship and his band.

But unlike Les Paul, Tommy is a one man wrecking crew who is not in need of anyone (except an audience).



  1. George Velikanje

    performance entertainment , the guy is born to it and has lived the life ……humbles all us mortal pickers …:))))

    • Hey George, great to hear from you. Yea, crazy great, and so versatile.

      • George Velikanje

        hi Bob , the talent is great ,but the sheer energy that he generates sweeps you up before you even realize how good he is …….:)))))

        • He’s like a little kid in a candy store…. My friend Tommy Doyle saw him at one of those guitar festivals (can’t recall) and said Tommy was walking around all day long with his guitar.. it shows..

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