Chet Atkins With The Bluegrass All Stars

Chet Atkins, Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas, Tony Rice, Mark O’Connor, David Grisman, and Rob Wasserman Limehouse Blues

This of course is an all star line up which features all the above performers starting from left to right with Grisman all the way down to Jerry Douglas. The vid fades out before Rob Wasserman’s bass solo… I have no idea why you would fade this out before the song is over?

The rendition is anything but Gypsy Jazz style… it’s a bluegrass version with the exception of O’Connor and Chet Atkins (not sure if  O’Connor’s violin sound works with the rest of the acoustic instruments aal that well).

Personally I feel that this is a poor choice instrumental for this band, as the song doesn’t really work unless you are playing gypsy style jazz or at least some form of legit jazz.  What do you think?




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