Darren Hodge: A Star In The Making

Here is 17 years old British guitarist Darren Hodge playing live “Cannonball Rag” by Merle Travis. Darren started playing guitar only 5 years ago and he has already published his first album, which includes both covers and original compositions.
This is the bio from his reverbnation page:

Darren Hodge is a young man who although only seventeen is regarded by his peers as one of the top young guitarists in the country. after picking up his first guitar only five years ago he has been astounding audiences up and down the country with his instrumental style of playing. He is completely self taught and from very early on it was clear to those around him that he had a unique gift. After five years of hard work and dedication he is still perfecting his talent but what you will hear will leave you astounded for such a young man just starting out. All this has culminated in the completion of his first solo album Titled “The Road To Nashville” Which includes no less than seven original pieces composed by Darren himself. All in the industry who have heard Darren perform agree that this young man is a star in the making.

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By Miche Archetto

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