Tom Lumen – New Song “Five Years”

A couple of months ago I went to the post office and received a fantastic guitar album by this guitarist named Tom Lumen from Hungary.

Well, it’s still in the car and I’m still listening.

What I like about Tom Lumen‘s playing is, he’s doing all the things that I personally can connect to as a fellow guitarist. He’s using both his fingers and a flatpick at the same time (which is something I do from time to time) and playing very original lines in between. I’ve been following Tom Lumen for a while now and he just keeps getting better and better.

So after listening to this new song entitled “Five Years” I’m blown away yet again.

My recommendation is, after the song is over, just let it play on as we are hooked into the Tom Lumen YouTube channel. The next song entitled “Don’t Stop Me Now” (a Queen cover) is just awesome. And the next song “Alex Arable – La Dolce Vita”  hey, this is just all great.


Check out Tom Lumen‘s site and listen to more and get one of his CD’s!

by Bob Harris



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