Jonathan Lane- Imagines Imagine (John Lennon)

Here’s guitarist/singer Jonathan Lane with John Lennon’s “Imagine” or should I say, a remnant of the original, as this is what I’d call completely different except, he’s using the original words (but changing the chords and the melody completely).

Jonathan Lane’s version is a much more sorrowful song with the sad minor chords- it’s almost as if it’s a last ditch plea for human sanity instead of Lennon’s hopeful melody. Jonathan is almost saying,, is there ever going to be anything to hope for?

Jonathan Lane, who is operating a tapping percussive site at

has been featured here before. I truthfully never know what to expect from Jonathan- I suppose I’ve come to expect the unexpected.

Go over to his facebook page and like it to help him spread the word with percussive style playing but, don’t forget to like it here as well.


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