Jim Marino Ain’t Misbehavin Ala Les Paul

Here’s a guitarist that has been here with me at the inception of Acoustic Guitar Videos… Jim Marino

Now with a video of his own!

It’s the pop song “Ain’t Misbehavin” which of course was a big pop standard way back when.

Jim is doing a few things in this video that make the song somewhat different.

First, he’s performing it with Merle Travis style picking, which is not really the rhythm of the song but sounds great in this style on that beautiful archtop of his.

Jim’s also playing along with a pre-recorded guitar track.. much the same way that Les Paul did it back in the early 50’s. Back then, no one knew how Les was able to pull that off… but consider that the multi-track tape machine at that time was also a big secret.

Jim told me that he’s got a steady gig at the Tarpon lodge, Oine Island,Fl. and really continues to enjoying the gigs.

Jim also played the South Florida Band stand at Ft Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach and all the way up in a Geneva , NY club. Back in 86, he was a part of the  Rickey Nelson road band in Ft Lauderdale.



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