Andrés Godoy – Left Hand That Does It All

By Bob Harris:

“Dears friends, I share a new video with yours, which was recorded a year ago and that is part of my instructional book about my technique Tatap. A hug from Chile. Andrés.”

Thanks for this Andres…

There’s obviously a lot to say about Andres with the rise above the disability and that of course is going to give him added attention. Then there’s other things such as the tapping style of guitar which is a “borderline style” according to a lot of fans here at Acoustic Guitar Videos.

So my question is.. what is a incredible talent such as Andres supposed to do if he doesn’t utilize this technique?


When I listen to this video with my eyes closed,  all I hear is great tone/technique and a fantastic note choice. And then I open my eyes and see that it’s all done with the left hand.

Tapping? Yea… that’s what’s happening.

Perhaps the only difference here is Andres just does it better than almost everyone else.

Can you say Django?

A song part of the Instructional Book – DVD, “Tatap” for guitar with one hand”, recording en September 2012.

More information at:


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