Baobu Badulu: A Taiwanese Talent

By Miche Archetto:
Bread (李瑋琦) shared this video on our facebook page. Here is Baobu Badulu (保卜), a Taiwanese guitarist playing his composition called “When he was 18 or 19”.
I’ve found some information on Baoubu’s official website
Baobu Badulu is an aboriginal fingerstyle guitarist based in Taiwan. He excels at expressing his feelings through guitar. With a bashful smile, he speaks honestly with the air of how a curious child views the world. His strong sense of curiosity makes Baobu’s music a bit rebellious.
From 2003, Baobu has performed over 200 concerts, in live houses across Taiwan and overseas. He has continuously been invited to the most important Taiwanese music events. He won first place in the 2006 National Acoustic Guitar Competition, Open Category, has recorded guitar for many musical and video productions, and has also helped emerging directors, such as Umin Boya, to compose movie soundtracks.
His songs range from warm and passionate to desolate. His style is dynamic, combining folk and fusion pop, and his biggest muses are his childhood memories and the ups and downs of life.
With the notion of his own Paiwan aboriginal identity, he also devotes himself on re-interpreting ancient tribal music by using his fantastic fingerstyle techniques. Also, instead of writing songs with Chinese lyrics, he often uses his native language.
The guitar isn’t just a guitar; Baobu’s performances are new and refreshing, a pleasant surprise.

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