Jon Gomm- Tuners on Guitar

If you are familiar with 5 string banjo, you will hear this and perhaps have the same reaction that I did. Jon Gomm put Scruggs or Keith tuners on his guitar!

But before you turn this on and expect something like Flint Hill Special, no, no, this is totally different. And perhaps Jon didn’t even know of Earl Scruggs, Bill Keith or the Flint Hill Special?

The tuners on Jon’s guitar have a way to set them to two different pitches- you tune the one pitch, lock it in and set the other pitch. Then simply, by turning or tuning the peg up or down, the tuner stops dead at the other pitch you set it at.

The sound this achieves is very similar to a Pedal Steel and operates much the same way.  I’ve seen the B Bender on a Telecaster before but admit that I haven’t seen these type of tuners on an acoustic guitar.

Jon Gomm once again leads the way with another great innovation… sometimes I think he may be Michael Hedges lost brother


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