Les Paul At The Iridium With Tommy Emmanuel

You got to give Les Paul a lot of credit.

For a lot of things… related to the guitar and recording of course.

Take for example his invention of the “Chipmunks.”

Not too many people know that his sped up tape machine was

responsible for that.

At the end of his career, Les played a gig every Monday night

in New York City at the “Iridium,” a somewhat small but always packed

house that ended up being a place that excellent guitarists and performers

were invited to sit in with Les.

Here’s a clip of Tommy Emmanuel sitting in with Les and no,

it’s not the hot guitar playing you’ve come to expect from Tommy

or anything like the younger years of Les.

Les at that point was suffering from the usual old age symptoms which included arthritis, making it difficult for him to play.

Les however, never lost his showmanship, and the audience always loved him for all the little funny jokes, the smiles and the enjoyment of being on stage.

If you ever got a chance to see Les Paul at the Iridium, please don’t hesitate to share your experience below.  I’m betting it was a memorable one.




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