Sönke Meinen: Finding His Voice

By Miche Archetto:

When we posted this other video last April, Sönke commented the post and wrote:
I´m writing many new solo tunes, which are a little different from this. It has more classical and percussive influences, but its still groovy fingerstyle (most of the time…). While studying “Acoustic Guitar” at the University in Dresden, it´s all about finding your own voice on the instrument. There will be some first videos of the new stuff on youtube in August! 
Thank you so much for sharing my music and your nice words! 🙂 This site is a great way to promote guitar music!
Now he finally uploaded two of his new compositions: the first one is entitled “on the run” and will make happy those looking for speed and more technical percussive playing.

In the second one, entitled “Dawn Song”, Sönke focus more on “finding his own voice”, and he does it great!


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