Christian Laborde: 7-String Rag

By Miche Archetto:

Here is French guitarist Christian Laborde playing his composition “Domi’s Rag” on a 7-string “Newbird” by luthier Julien Regnier.
I’ve found a bio of Christian in French, and here is a rough translation:

“[…] ACT II

In September 1974, he entered the National Conservatory of Toulouse as others come into religion. He remained there until 1979, when he opened a Guitar school in Agen called “Finger Picking.” 

Alsofan of traditional music, he took part for more than three years to the group “Tire Larigot Folk”.


Then we find him with Michel VIVOUX, Pharamond and Marcel Dadi with which he participated in the recording of one of the disks “Dadi Two Guitars”. 

In 1981 he released his first 45 rpm. In September 1982 he won the first prize in the composition contest GIBSON / GUITAR MAGAZINE at the Salon de la Musique in Paris.  […]


In 1986, he founded his own recording studio in Agen. This is also the year of the release of the album “Primrose” .

In 1988, with Michel Fraisse, they ride a “Folk-Blues” duet (tour in Turkey). Then he wnet back to “Bluegrass” music and played with the group “Acoustic-Rendez-Vous.” 


Late in 1991 he released the CD “The Drunk Images”, entirely recorded in his studio.

He supervised many “Finger Picking” guitar courses (International Guitar Festival in Cannes, Convention of Issoudun, stage of Orthez …). He participated in the convention of the “Chet Atkins Appreciation Society” in Nashville, USA.


In 1992 he joined the singer Delilah to create the duo “Soham” […]. They release  their first CD “Colors” in September 1994. 

As a composer, he produced music of different shows and ballets and he wrote  music for films []


Between 1997 and 2001, he held the “Marteau Picker” column in the “Guitarist-Magazine.” 

In spring 2000 he released the guitar album “Back to Basics”.

November 2001 release of the second album of Soham “At this time there” with Francis Cabrel and Michel Fraisse as guests. 

January 2004, this is the first show of a new trio with Dalila and jazz guitarist Pascal Quennehent, “Stories Couple” (directed by Roger Louret).

During 2003, creating a new duet with classical guitarist Albert Benedict. This meeting will lead to the writing of a common repertoire of original pieces for two guitars. […]”


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