Swan Berger at 11

We’ve featured so many great guitarists here at Acoustic Guitar Videos

over the last year and a half.

Some of the videos got a fairly nice amount of view..

Some did really well receiving two or three thousand views…

And along came this talented kid name Swan Berger that

absolutely knocked it right out of the park.

The last video of Swan we posted  (if you missed it, click here Swan Berger)

received well over 50,000 views here at AGV..

Why so many?

Well,  it’s a combination of age and talent… that is, young age and tremendous talent in Swan’s case.

So here’s another equally impressive video of Swan that my partner Miche Archetto located and… wow is all I have to say.

If you are a fan of acoustic guitar… hey, share this one with your friends and family.



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