Swan Berger: Natural Talent

Sometimes you just got to shake your head and wonder

how a “kid” is able to play this good…

I mean, so I guess when he was 2 he studied and mastered the major scale…

Then at 3 he worked out the minors…

Then at 4 diminished..

5 was augmented and arpeggios

6 was alt chord voicings

7 the symmetrical scale (and so on and so fourth).

Swan Berger (who looks about 10 in this video) is playing jazz at a level that very few can say they do. And he probably just started playing this way without any study. It’s all natural talent.

And what I so appreciate is- Swan doesn’t sound like a Django clone either! At this time of his life, he already had his own distinctive style.

Now I am at a loss for bio material on Swan so, if you know anything about him please give a comment below. And even if you don’t necessarily care for the Gypsy Jazz guitar playing, you have to admit that Swan Berger is way beyond a child prodigy. So give him some likes here and make sure to share this video with your friends.


Courtesy of Miche Archetto:

Check out this bio material on Swan!!!

“The gift of Swan is music.

Hi, I am Swan and my passion
is the gypsy jazz guitar.

Swan is 14 year old;
He was six year old only
when he played his first notes
on the guitar.

He didn’t attend
any music schools
but today, he plays
on prestigious stages.

I did the Olympia, Casino de Paris,
Salle Pleyel …

How Swan, a self-taught 14 year old,
is able to play like a virtuoso?
To understand his talent,
we presented him
to Philip Kazmarek,
a music teacher.

So, what I propose,
is to play a piano theme
and you try to reproduce it.


Here we go!
After some hesitation,
Swan quickly finds the notes.


Look, it’s amazing,
he ended by proposing
his own version.

I am impressed by the ease
with which Swan plays the guitar.

Swan has a great ear
which guides him
and allows him to identify
very quickly the notes.

Philip is impressed,
the young prodigy already plays
as the greatest.

What is the reason of
his unusual talent?
Again, the family roots
are involved.

My great-grandfather played the double bass,
violin and guitar.

My dad plays guitar,
my uncle, my father’s brother, too.

I’ve always been rocked by music,
always listened to music.

I’m sure that when I was
in my mom’s womb,
I was listening to music.

Is this gift hereditary?
We asked Daniel Vaiman, geneticist.

The genetics can
probably partly explain
the musical abilities of people.

We cannot know
how many genes are involved,
a few dozens.

And in this area,
the scientists are progressing.

A Finnish study
identified a gene involved
in this musical ability,
on chromosome 12.

One thing is certain,
Swan is set to become
a star of gypsy jazz.

But he remains cautious
about the future.

If it goes on like this,
the guitar,
if everything goes well
why not make it my job?
But we’ll see.”

Check out the rest of this page at http://www.transcriptsearch.com.es/id/fw075n73404


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