Tommy Jones: Hee Haw Appearance

Do you remember the Hee Haw TV Show?

It was always something I looked forward to as a kid.

Right from the opening theme song

with Bobby Thompson playing his chromatic/melodic

banjo, to all the great guests they had sit in- the show was just great

if you were into country music and pickin’.

Here’s a young Tommy Jones playing the “Black Mountain Rag”

which is a song that was made popular by Doc Watson- only Tommy

here is playing it fingerstyle and not playing it as a banjo player would,

rather pickin it like a guitarist would. What’s the difference?

Well, there would be more three fingered rolls similar to a banjo.

It’s obvious that Tommy got a lot of his inspiration from Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins-

Great playing here!

YouTube Description:

“This is the young guitar prodigy Tommy Jones (R.I.P.) playing this classic live at the age of 17 (Video is from 1972)!!! This video was uploaded a while ago, but sadly taken down. We have to keep Tommy’s music alive, because he was a genius and one of the all-time best fingerpickers!!! His mentor Chet Atkins would tell you so!”


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