World’s Fastest Guitarist: Is It All A Hoax?

If you’ve been paying attention here at Acoustic Guitar Videos, you will notice that we’ve recently featured a few vids labeled “The World’s Fastest Guitarist.”

Why would I post such a thing?

Well because it sells big time. You can’t even imagine all the thousands of views we’ve received due to these so called “World’s Fastest Guitarist” vids!

But I originally called a few of these potential frauds , (not all of them) and this video here by guitarist Morten Faerestrand is one way of being able to fake the performance.

Another way is to pre-record the audio, speed it up and then film it separately (like lip syncing).

Here’s one vid that I don’t believe is fake, and it’s on electric.

So now you know, or should know that vids can be altered big time. Unfortunately, a lot of the vids that we feature are not recorded live along with the video part. And it’s not so easy to tell. The level of visual accuracy is not as critical as you would think, as a good guitarist and videographer can all make it look and sound like it’s going down live.

I want to thank world renowned acoustic guitarist Adam Palma for turning me on to this video.


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