Nico Di Battista: “O Sole Mio” Revisited

By Miche Archetto:
You will hardly recognize the famous Neapolitan theme “O sole mio” in this arrangement of the Italian virtuoso Nico Di Battista. It is a short video, but dense of his technical and musical skills.
From his official website (only in Italian) I’ve found that Nico is both a fine guitar picker but also an acclaimed bass player. Actually he invented the DBguitar, an electric guitar with much thicker 5th and 6th strings tuned one octave below (i.e. E1 and A1 instead of E2 and A2). You can learn more about this hybrid instrument in this video.
He is also a guitar teacher, and published two didactic books, one about guitar techniques, and one about his original Thumb&Slap technique.
Thanks to Babele Reunion for posting this videos on our facebook page.

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