Allison Krauss and Union Station: Bluegrass At It’s Best

Over the years, we’ve all come to appreciate the talents of Allison Krauss and Union Station as one of the premiere bluegrass acts in the business.

In this vid, The “Cluck Ole Hen” perhaps never sounded as good, with one stellar break from these all star players after another.

Talk about a first rate performance. Some bands would just play through an old song like this but, not Allison. This is first rate- bluegrass at it’s finest!

Okay….. Okay…. Okay…..

Ha Ha….

If your reaction was anything like mine, I thought there was really something severely wrong with my computer… actually got seriously worried for a moment.

This is the handy work of “Fedora and the Explorers”..

They did a great job of syncing up the audio to make it sound like the moves that were happening on the video.

The sad part of this whole thing is… a lot of people actually won’t be able to tell the difference between this mock up and the real thing… I bet you can think of a few people that you know that wouldn’t be able to tell?

Additionally, there’s going to be a small number, perhaps even just one person that’s not going to find this funny at all and think it’s in poor taste. Well, my apologies in advance but, I think it is in poor taste to send private body part photos of yourself over the internet, especially when you are running for Mayor of New York City.

Okay, here’s the actual audio on this vid… enjoy!


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