Peter Finger: A Style All His Own

By Miche Archetto:

German guitarist Peter Finger has been playing guitar since he was 13, and published his first album “Finger Picking” in 1973, when he was 19.


According to his official website

Peter Finger has accomplished something that few people achieve in our day: the perfect harmony of virtuosity, musicality and composition. His musical cosmos is boundless, showing profound knowledge of both music history and the contemporary state of the art. The attentive listener will therefore encounter the tonal language of Debussy, Ravel or Stravinsky time and again – and, in the same breath, perhaps find himself in the realm of rock. Or he will marvel at Finger’s almost orchestral, sometimes breathtaking, experimental tapestry of rhythm, harmony and melody. It should definitely be mentioned that all of this fuses together organically instead of just standing side by side without any connection. Which is why Peter Finger’s music is always a great sensual pleasure, far removed from any type of intellectual coolness – both demanding and stimulating at the same time.


This video has been recorded in the Netherlands in 2010, when he played his composition “Totentanz” (death dance), where he shows his original approach to guitar music.


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