Beppe Capozza – Acoustic Nature Boy

Here’s Italian guitarist Beppe Capozza with the Eden Ahbez composition “Nature Boy.”

Beppe’s take on this sounds classical at times, jazzy for sure, and a little bit of flamenco thrown in… some really cool chord changes and voicings in his version.

I wonder how much of this is improvisational and what’s mapped out?

Interesting… You’d normally hear this done on a classical nylon stringed guitar, but this is steel string. Love the tone he’s getting…even though it’s obvious from the cinematography and recording, that this is not a high budget production. Just goes to show you that you can do a lot with a little.

Beppe’s YouTube channel has some other pretty cool vids, I had a hard time deciding which one to feature. Check this one out too.. Featuring the Cont-anima-zione Ensamble..



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