Roland Dyens: Acclaimed Professor

By Miche Archetto:

We have already featured on this site his arrangement of “Round Midnight” played by 

Roman Viazovskiy and two of his compositions, one played by 
Dimitri Illarionov , and another one by  Iren Arutyunyan. I’m talking about Roland Dyens, Professor of Guitar at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris. Here he plays his amazing arrangement of Dizzy Gilespie’s “Night in Tunisia”.

The wikipedia entry reads: 

“As a performer, Dyens is known for his extraordinary capacity for improvisation. Essentially unique among classical guitarists, Dyens frequently opens his concerts with an improvised piece, in order to help him get a feel for the hall and the audience. His guitar music draws on many elements of folk music and jazz, and has become popular with players.

The bio on his official website reports that ” His compositions and arrangements are widely performed and highly acclaimed throughout the world. They provide a new breath of life for the guitar as this player and composer never ceases to challenge the limitations of his instrument. The growing number of participants and auditors in Roland Dyens’ master classes is surely due to the depth of his approach which is rich in innovative themes. With a keen sense of quality and emotional strength, his natural ability to communicate with younger generations of guitarists transforms the formality of a master class into a joyful encounter.

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