Michel Gentils: 12 String Master

By Miche Archetto:

According to 

wikipedia (available only in French), Michel Gentils moved from France to New Orleans when he was 18. There he met a friend of Leo Kottke who initiated him to the 12 string guitar. He then moved around the US to discover country music and “West Coast” music. After 4 years, when back in France in 1978, he recorded his first album “Guitare Picking”. 

His second main influence came from Indian music, after he visited that country and met many music families at Varanasi.
In this video he plays a long composition/improvisation called “Flamenco Indien”, an interesting mix of eastern and western influences.
Some other interesting videos are easily found on youtube or direct on his 

official website, where he provides also some basic teaching material.


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