Tommy Jones: Forgotten Virtuoso

By Miche Archetto:

Tommy Jones passed away in 2002, when he was 47. There are a very few videos on youtube featuring his talent. According to the obituary on  this website

Tommy Jones started young and was recognized as a child prodigy by Chet Atkins and others. His debut album “Tommy’s Place” showcased his talent for a sensitive and melodic touch. Later, Chet produced “Chet Atkins presents Tommy Jones”, a landmark album. Tommy’s last 2 Cds were “Country” and “Tide Pool”.

 Tommy appeared on the Grand Old Opry as a teenager, and toured extensively with saxiphonist Boots Randolph. He was a regular performer and instructor at many of the annual Chet Atkins Appreciation Society conventions in Nashville.


In this video he plays the famous piece by Paul Desmond “Take Five”, showing his impressive mastery of harp harmonics and fingerpicking.

 After you watch this video, you will agree that it is a shame that there is no bio available on the web, no dedicated website, no wikipedia entry…


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