Gavino Loche: Drumming The Wall

By Miche Archetto:

Gavino Loche is a talented Sardinian guitarist. This video (uploaded a few days ago) is his impressive rendition of the famous song “The Wall” by Pink Floyd where he seems to play drums, bass and solo guitar at the same time.
There is a short bio in English on his website, which reads:
“In 2010 he won the award for the best up-and-coming Italian guitar player at the annual  A.D.G.P.A (Atkins-Dadi Guitar Player Association Italy) convention.
After having been the prize-winner of the “Concorso italiano chitarre 2010” (Italian Guitar Contest 2010), his composition was  included in the compilation “Notte delle chitarre” (Night of Guitars).
He has recorded five albums: “Music & Colours Lounge Compilation, vol. 1,2,3” for Volare Airlines, “L’ombra dell’albero” featuring the Tuscan trumpet player Renato Cantini and “Where was I?“, his first solo album.
He has also been co-composer of the 2008 tv campaign “Pubbicità Progresso” (a non profit Italian “Trademark” created to awaken public opinion in social issues) broadcasted by Mediaset, Italy.
In this other video you can also enjoy his arrangement of the “Mission Impossible” theme.

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