Newton Faulkner Hits the Hits

By Miche Archetto:

In 2007 the first album of Newton Faulkner made No. 1 in the UK Album Chart and was certified double platinum in the UK. The key of his success was the unique mix of singing/songwriting with percussive guitar playing. Newton has been one of the pupils of Eric Roche that we featured here in a previous post. This video is a live version of his song “To the light”, which appears on his debut album “Hand Built By Robots”.

On wikipedia I’ve found also that “Faulkner was making history, as the recording of his fourth album Studio Zoo was being streamed live online, 24/7 for 5 weeks from 11 June 2013 with regular updates on the social networks. His home studio in East London was set up with 4 cameras, to follow every detail of recording the album – with no producer or engineer, just Newton, a bunch of guitars, plus a few special surprise guests.

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