Ricky Scaggs: Mixing Classical With Bluegrass

This song “Road to Spencer” is not what I’d call a typical bluegrass song (more Celtic style) but the bluegrass and Celtic are close cousins for sure. Now I have no idea where this was filmed, who the conductor is, nor the orchestra as there is no description available. But it is Ricky Scaggs and Kentucky Thunder… so if you know any further details about this concert, please comment below.

And this video is brand new so, just 123 views.

One thing is for certain…

The classical musician and the bluegrass musicians do mix. Whether or not you like it or not (especially during Cody Kilby’s guitar break), it’s works.

Recently there’s been a lot of virtuoso bluegrass musicians crossing over into classical and performing in classical style venues. The appreciation level for bluegrass now does indeed go beyond the music form. Can’t say that was happening when Bill Monroe, The Stanley Brothers or Flatt & Scruggs were leading the way back in the late 40’s and 50’s. Hey, did someone take the “hillbilly” out of Bluegrass?


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