Wayne Lovegrove: It’s Never Too Late

Wayne Lovegrove — “Green” – on a Patrick Schachle guitar

You play the guitar…

You’ve been doing it all your life…

The songs you’ve written follow you everywhere you go.

But are you going to let it all be just the music in your head?

But  then, one day, in one moment, you decide to do it…. You know, make a CD, video, and bring all the music to life.

Well that’s exactly what happened for guitarist Wayne Lovegrove… and after all these years he’s finally released his first release filled with songs that have been a part of him perhaps for many years.

Hey, great going Wayne. I totally admire you for this accomplishment- it all looks and sounds first rate. Great inspiration for any of us…. it’s never too late!

Wayne Lovegrove self written bio:

“It may seem curious that I should have developed my playing and composing to the level they’re now at and yet lived half a lifetime before ever writing a complete song (with the exception of one tune) or really performing for anyone except myself.

As a young boy, sitting on the front porch steps at home one fine day, I watched a man walking, curiously, down our suburban street with a curious suitcase-like thing held by one hand, who then curiously walked up our driveway, then up the walkway to where I sat. This door to door salesman for guitar lessons introduced himself to me. I went inside to fetch my parents, and so the gentleman was invited inside where he proceeded into his curious pitch, which involved retrieving an accordion (!!!) from the case. “Curiouser and curiouser!!!” Purportedly my attempting to manipulate the accordion would yield insight into the prospect of my having facility with a guitar!! Unsurprisingly, I qualified for the group classes. After the DTDS departed my parents asked me whether I’d like to learn to play guitar, and if I would so like, then they’d find me a private teacher. And so I began taking private guitar lessons which continued through to my mid-teens, and a pursuit which has provided, in my own solitary fashion, so many personal rewards, for I’m one of those people for whom music is elemental.

 Over a span of many years I played solely for myself and my personal pleasure. I began playing in alternate tunings while in university and almost exclusively improvised in numerous tunings over the ensuing years, rarely working on other people’s tunes nor composing tunes out of my improvising. Consequently many years of good musical ideas and “semi-compositions” were lost as new improvisations continuously displaced old ones. Over the years I almost inevitably developed my own fingerstyle techniques and tunings and a distinct voice based upon them. Listeners often refer to images, especially of the natural world, to explain their experience of my music”  go to Wayne’s site


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