12 String Mechanical Guitar Plays Dust In the Wind

Dust In The Wind by Kansas on a 12 String

We’ve featured some machines playing guitars here before at acoustic guitar videos, but nothing this elaborate and nothing that really seemed to play somewhat like a human. I say somewhat, because… well you know… there’s still no substitute (yet).

Here’s the write up from YouTube:

“from RagtimeWest.com it’s Our automated 12 String guitar playing Dust in the Wind by Kansas. Brand new product being tested for the first time!!! Fantastic sound. For Sale now. I will be posting the complete song in a few days. Watch for it. We have had the honor to have designed and built more thatn 18 of the instruments used in the Pat Metheny Orchestrion project on tour now. I ave recently been interviewed by the New York Times and Jazz Times. CBS Sunday morning has called to come here from New York to interview and film RagtimeWest for there show airing in March, 2010.”

I thought you would enjoy this, and perhaps you want to see the other “machines” that play guitar on this site (and some other odd ways to play the guitar)… Here’s the link 

So, we know about the “no feeling” part of this setup but, my big complaint is the fact that they should at the very least tune this guitar! It hurts my ears to listen and makes the hair on my arms stand up strait! Also, the cover photo of the guitar strapped down with all the gismos and wires makes me think that someone is conducting a torture experiment on that poor guitar, or at the very least, the guitar was Borged (as in Star Trek)… I’m gonna have nightmares tonight!


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