Gareth Pearson: Run SB Run

By Nick Campling

Here’s an own composition from Gareth Pearson called Run SB Run.

Gareth is a fabulous young player from Wales who hit the scene at the age of about 15 in the UK.

It’s great to hear these youngsters who owe so much to Tommy Emmanuel developing a style of their own and moving on from The Claw and Blue Smoke (not that I have anything at all against Jerry Reed or Merle Travis!) to write their own tunes. Especially when they perform them this flawlessly..


Thanks Nick for that! Hopefully we’ll be hearing and seeing more from you!

I just wanted to point out that Gareth is pulling a couple of moves here that are very reminiscent of bluegrass guitar picking… If you have your ears open, he does his version of a Lester Flatt G Run a couple of times (yea I know, it’s in the key of B but the G run is the position, he’s capoed 4 playing the G form chord (we do that a lot in bluegrass music).

He’s also doing some floaters here off the Em position which is very cool. Really great memorable piece!


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