Clay Hess/Sierra Hull & Hwy 111: ‘Smashville’

Here’s a live video from the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival 2009 featuring Sierra Hull and her band Highway 111 with Clay Hess on guitar.

Yes, there’s a lot of talking so if you just want to pass that up, go to about 2:50 in the dial for the music.

“Smashville'” which was written by fiddle Jim VanCleve of Mountain Heart, falls under the category of a modern day bluegrass instrumental. So if you are expecting to hear a 3 or 4 chord Monroe fiddle style tune… well, that ain’t happening.

Sierra Hull of course is one of the best mandolinist you will ever hear, but I choose to also post this vid because of Clay’s guitar solo (which is just smokin!).

Of course, the rest of Sierra’s band is just excellent… so enjoy…


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