Week In Tribute: Paco de Lucia 2004 (Video VII)

Here’s Paco de Lucia performing at Burghausen 2004

It’s 1 hour 42 minutes long so, grab a bottle of wine, tequila or whatever suits you.

His guitar tone on this video sounds incredible.

Lots of people think it’s the guitar, or the mics, or the sound of the room.


It’s the player. Some say it’s all in the hands… but
in Paco’s case, it’s all in the soul.

He could make a $10 guitar made out of balsa wood sound great.

In this performace, he’s obviously a little slower than his intense speed in the 70’s and 80’s.

But this performance seems to have a different approach than the others (referring to the “Week In Tribute to Paco de lucia.”

For me, it’s perhaps the most enjoyable and passionate..
I think I’m gonna go home now and watch this video with my wife!



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