Kinloch Nelson: Old Song on an Historic Wood

By Miche Archetto:

Here is Kinloch Nelson, from Rochester, playing his rendition of “Tennessee Waltz” on a very special guitar, a Bruce Petros’ Tunnel 13 guitar, made from redwood salvaged from Tunnel #13 built in 1880 and the location of the “Last Great American Train Robbery”.
According to his website
KINLOCH NELSON, a solo fingerstyle guitarist/singer, creates a synthesis of folk, jazz, classical, American popular music, and original compositions. His programs range from J.S. Bach to the blues and may include references to Miles Davis, Schubert, Flatt and Scruggs, The Ventures, and the occasional TV theme.

Kinloch Nelson began performing in 1969. His nearly 40-year career has run the gamut from solo classical and folk concerts in coffeehouses and folk festivals to club dates with jazz, country, rockabilly, rock, and rhythm & blues bands. During this time Nelson has played with such notables as Tom Paxton, Amos Garrett, Luther Alison, Buddy Guy, and long-time influence Danny Gatton.

A composer and recording artist, Nelson can be heard on Heartland Records, BKNjr Records, Hodgepodge Music, Echotone Records, Riva Records, and Sampler Records.” more

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