Sierra Hull and Ryan Holladay – Salt Creek

If you’ve been keeping up with Acoustic Guitar Videos

you will notice that we just featured more Mark O’Connor

recently and posted his Winfield Kansas National Flatpicking Championship performance (hey, mind blowing stuff… suggest you listen if you haven’t heard this yet).

One of the things that the video did say was, Mark O’Connor was bluegrass music’s first child prodigy. Well, I don’t know if I agree with that. After all, fiddler Vassar Clements performed on the Grand Ole Opry with Bill Monroe at the age of 14.

But one thing is for sure- Sierra Hull can also be categorized as a child prodigy.

In this video, Sierra looks like she’s 9 or 10… (the description didn’t include any info). And Ryan Holladay who is a fantastic banjo player, doesn’t look over 12 here in this video.

Okay, so I did a lot of talking about Mark O’Connor…

How’s about Mark with Sierra (a more recent video from Berkeley School if music, even though Mark doesn’t take a solo)


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