Larry Coryell, Badi Assad & John Abercrombie

Larry Coryell, Badi Assad & John Abercrombie – Three Guitars – Live New Morning Paris (Official)

The Duo of Ralph Towner and John Abercrombie was one of my favorites years ago. The musicality was intense.

So I run across this trio featuring Larry Coryell, Badi Assad & John Abercrombie

and I figure… this has got to be good… right?

Well yes, even though Badi Assad is not so much the soloist as Larry and John in this video, I love that kind of scat singing along with the melody.

As far as the soloing is concerned, you know that John is gonna get serious when he takes off his glasses and puts them on the music stand. He of course takes a wicked good solo here. Larry on the other hand seems to be getting drown out with too much rhythm. Man it’s hard to play a good solo when something else is way louder than you..


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