Steve Morse On Acoustic.. And A Lot More

Rare Steve Morse stuff

This video is rare, and I’m guessing that you haven’t seen these clips of Steve Morse, especially his acoustic playing.
The first part of this is Steve being interviewed, and then Steve cutting into some acoustic guitar. What a treat!
The host is rude,,, cuts him off right in the middle of it and that video is over.
The next video is Steve performing with Van Romaine (drummer that I have recorded with) and Dave LeRue, who I’ve also crossed paths with. This is taken from the Ralph Emory Show down in Nashville.
On this show, the topic comes up about Steve and his prior job before getting this trio together.
The next little segment you might enjoy if you are a Kansas fan…..
At about 13:21, it’s back to the Steve with the last configuration of the Dixie Dregs before they broke up with Mark O’Connor playing the violin. This song is called Cruise Control… one of my all time  favorites… Just awesome.
At 18:07 we’re gonna get another song and this is worth watching if you like the bluegrass country pickin… Steve is explosive…
There’s some more Dregs material to follow which is older (Alan Sloan on fiddle instead of Mark O’Connor).
Here’s the YouTube description of this video:

“Interviews and performances recorded from tv show broadcasts, and a Kansas video

– Steve Morse interview and some playing on an unknown (to me) tv show, 1984
– Steve Morse Band playing Highland Wedding and Steve Morse interview on an unknown (to me) tv show, 1989
– Steve Morse in Kansas video All I wanted
– Steve Morse with Dixie Dregs playing Cruise Control and Pride O’ The Farm on the Tom Snyder show,1981
– Steve Morse with Dixie Dregs playing Punk Sandwich, Gina Lola Breakdown and Cruise Control (a long version) on Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert tv show” 



  1. The first interview is with JJ Jackson and may have been for MTV. JJ was not being rude but was under strick time restrictions and probably had a director in his headset. That was common practice for MTV in the early 80’s. The fact the even would have Steve on MTV during that time period is odd. The Second interview is from The Nashville Network and was the Late Night Talk Show called Nashville Now. The Show was hosted by Ralph Emery.

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