Steve Morse & David Grisman- Unlikely Combination

If there was ever a musician that insisted on performing acoustic, it’s David Grisman.

Vassar Clements told me once  that David always wanted him to play acoustic when they were on stage together. With all the years of performing with Vassar, I can’t recall even one time he played without his pickup….

So now you have this unlikely combination of Steve Morse and David Grisman… two icons… one very electric and the other very acoustic.

Does it mix?

Well, I’ll leave that up to you. Personally I would have enjoyed it more if Steve played an acoustic on this gig. It’s not like he can’t. In face, he’s a great acoustic guitarist!

The problem with the electric in this situation is … not so good on rhythm… And the guitar playing at a low volume doesn’t sound so good.  Not a good situation for bassist Rob Wasserman trying to hold it all together?

Check back later today… I have a video of Steve playing acoustic and he’s incredible.



  1. wasn’t thrilled with steve’s tone, had it been a tad more natural, sure it works. JMO. He certainly has the chops.

  2. Dammdiffidoo

    Sure man, but then Wasterman sounds like he’s playing a flute, is that teally what you want from a stringed instrument?
    “A flute is just a hollow metal string.” Dawg used to say.

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