Jerry Douglas: Going Out Of Bounds?

Pushed Too Far – Jerry Douglas Band


“Telluride in 2003: Larry Atamaniuk/drums, Gabe Witcher/fiddle, Bryan Sutton/guitar, Derek Jones/bass.”

When traditional bluegrass folks hear Jerry Douglas performing with drums and such… playing eclectic style songs …well

I’m guessing that not to many are going to enjoy this particular video.

But you can’t expect a guy like Jerry Douglas (the man that has redefined the dobro) to just play 3 – 5 chord bluegrass songs…. can you?

Interestingly, this band is not plugged in… Jerry is acoustic, so is bassist Derek Jones, Bryan Sutton on guitar… really the whole band.

All that is really different here is the addition of drummer Larry Atamaniuk who in my opinion, does a fine job laying light and not overpowering the acoustic stringed instruments. Yea Okay, Well, it’s not bluegrass but, it is really good!







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  1. A most resounding YEA!! The Drums add a new dimension, not intrusive in the least!
    Rules are made to be BROKEN!

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