Ruddy Meicher: Acoustic Guitar Experience

Guitar Cajon Ruddy Meicher La haut (2013)

Introducing French guitarist Ruddy Meicher with a song here that also features percussion (instrument called a Cajon which is in essence a box (hey, a music box!) )

This song which I am not sure of the title.. but I’ll take a guess “La haut” is a wonderful combination of groove and melody. My only complaint is, I would love it to be longer and hear more (yea I know, just hit the back button).

On thing I noticed about Ruddy’s playing.. he’s got an interesting way of striking the notes with his right hand… almost a backwards fanning type motion where it doesn’t seem like he’s picking or strumming… Whatever the technique, there’s big time groove here and as a producer, I’m always going to love when a performance captures that part of it.

Speaking of the production, I’m not sure if a lot of you know that by overdubbing other instruments, it actually causes problems… You just don’t go in an “add” some percussion… It’s got to be thought out, and timing issues will arise with the combining of both instruments. Ruddy who is an arranger and composer and teaches guitar piano and percussion, is definitely hip to it all- evidence being this fine production.

Ruddy who was playing piano at age 4, kind enough to write to me and admitted that his playing is “unconventional.” Ruddy also told me that he skipped out of the business world back in 2009 to pursue music full time.

Here’s some more bio info:


“Single musician in my family , I only form , and over the meetings. I study the mathematical theory of music and develop my own learning method  ” Develop a set of techniques that allow you to play what we have in the head and not the reverse , play and share my own style . “

Percussionist has always , been a fan of electro, techno, trip hop and tribal music , I like to mix styles, techniques. I listened only  electro music  up to my 20 years , playing drums on everything all the time everywhere and often without even realizing it ! In 2009 I embarked on the study of Fingerstyle at the base of my game and my development 
 I love to innovate, share, create , arrange .
To refine and practice my playing techniques and arrangements , I perform in Fingerstyle various artists. Francis Cabrel Rihanna , through Eagles , U2, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson , Oasis, I did about 60 arrangements with over 800,000 Youtube views I moved recently to  Paris and produce me on stage. I prepare my second solo album and first album in trio with NiggaPhil & Osey”


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