Ivan Pešut – Spring Break

Here’s Croatian guitarist Ivan Pešut with a really cool music video featuring a song entitled “Spring Break.”

What first struck me about Ivan’s playing was, he sounds like he might have taken a few notes from Tony Rice…. Tony besides his very famous bluegrass playing came out with a whole series of his own “spacegrass” albums which to this day are still my favortes…

Some of the changes and the playing here is reminiscent of Tony’s… just got to wonder if Ivan was influenced?

When Ivan is not playing out professionally, he’s working in the studio- you can tell by the sound of this recording that he’s been doing it very very well and for a while (10 years). But I was surprised to find out that Ivan is more known for his electric guitar playing rather than his acoustic.

Well Ivan, we here at AGV sure love your acoustic playing so, I hope you continue with the acoustic! As it turns out, Ivan is going to be releasing this song “Spring Break along with more cuts as part of his second album (release date TBD).

Here’s a quote from Ivan about the song:

“I often have trouble naming my songs, but when I started playing, it felt like spring right away! After combining the recording with some personal camera footage I had no more doubt at all! :)”

For more contact, visit Ivan

IvanPesut on YouTube


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