Matteo Gobbato: Smoke On The Water

Smoke on the water (fingerstyle) with the new GSmini – Arr. Matteo Gobbato

There’s a good chance that if you are over 40 years or older and play the guitar, “Smoke On The Water” was one of the songs you tried to play when you first started out.

So I don’t know if a lot of your friends or guitar players you knew told you that you had to learn how to play a bar chord in order to play the song.

Then they would hit an E major chord, barre a G then A and tell you that’s how it’s done.

Well, they were wrong, cause the song originally was in the key of G, and really there’s no need for the barre chord thing…

Just watch this video by Italian guitarist Matteo Gobbato playing the song solo… no barre chords… but there’s some extras…

In today’s world of solo acoustic guitar, the whole point (or at least a big point) is being able to play the entire band arrangement. So of course this is a little different, but a full sounding arrangement for the solo guitar.

Here’s some info on Matteo-

Matteo Gobbato is a 25 emerging italian guitar player. He’s finding a place in the acoustic music thanks to his original songs and his arrangements. He produced his first album including his original composition He has started a collaboration with Taylor Guitars and Maxmonte guitars. Check out for more music, concert, videos and tabs


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